The biggest pleasure for me as an artist is to begin; the first moments of a plunge into water, a jump off a cliff when you give over to the moment and release control.
Switching media is a way to keep up creative momentum. I often work on multiple projects to keep up the rush of enthusiasm. The addition of doll figures to my usual projects of books, prints and paintings is a kind of creative vacation. Clay heads and stitched bodies get outfits of cloth scraps, mementoes, and assorted oddments which fuse to compose a personality;
•Hand dyed wool from Corinth, Greece circa 1969,
 •My father’s Madras sport jacket, 1978
•a friend’s childhood dress from the 1950’s
• loose buttons from a New Hampshire barn cleanout
• tiny metal devils from a flea market found in the 1980’s.
The Trace Monotypes (also known as Transfer Drawing) are really backwards drawings. My source material is toy catalogue photos that show imaginative figures each set in their own dramatic space. The dolls, boats and airplanes I never played with can be organized into new relationships. My printmaking   “skills” are from many years as a beginner. This very simple technique is a perfect way to draw.
Frances Hamilton